Building a Global Immune System with Concentric by Ginkgo


Biology-powered. Data-driven. People-centric.

Like everyone, we had our world turned upside down in 2020. However, we realized we could repurpose our biotech platform to fight back against COVID-19. Our program started with responding to this global emergency with accessible COVID-19 monitoring in K-12 schools, airports, and other congregate settings.

Concentric by Ginkgo is building upon its large-scale, comprehensive COVID-19 monitoring platform to create a sustainable global biosecurity infrastructure to help manage biological risks anywhere people come together—because keeping people together is what it’s been about from the start.

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Providing early warning for pathogens

Connections between people, animals, and the environment determine how viruses spread. Climate change and migration patterns are rewiring the way viruses jump from one species to another. Biosecurity can act like radar that provides early warning data in a “weather map” for infectious disease.

Creating a global immune system to prevent, detect, and respond to biological pathogens has the power to change everyone’s lives. Managing risks is just the start. Biosecurity is about cultivating resilient, flourishing communities.

The operating system for real-time biosecurity

Concentric’s end-to-end platform supports multimodal collection and analysis of biological threats, whether natural or engineered. Public health officials and community leaders can use the data to make informed decisions. The platform works like an operating system for biosecurity, managing the underlying networks, capabilities, data infrastructure, security features, and support needed for a flexible combination of biosecurity solutions.

Organizations can apply active testing and passive monitoring alongside epidemiological, bioinformatic, and genetic engineering analyses to create multilayered pathogen protection. With the resources and logistics in place to establish a biological baseline and recognize anomalies, our partners can create data-driven strategies. As their needs evolve, so does the platform.

Ginkgo’s Foundry supercharges Concentric’s offerings

Ginkgo’s Foundry is home to the best of DNA synthesis, sequencing, laboratory automation, and high-performance analytics. It’s where we sequenced the first instances of Omicron BA.2 and BA.3 in the U.S. as part of the CDC’s traveler-based early detection program. Building Concentric’s offerings around the Foundry magnifies our knowledge of pathogen genomics. What we learn there can help accelerate effective responses (like vaccine development) and help ensure we are designing innovative biosecurity measures into new technologies from the start.

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